Located curb-side at Lazy Creek Park 26480 Lazy Creek Rd   


Historical Monuments

The Mission of our Museum is to share knowledge about the history of the Menifee Valley.  One of the ways to accomplish this mission is to provide tours to schools, scouts and community organizations in the Museum.

Volunteers also spend time at Elementary schools presenting local history and we showcase displays of historic information for local organizations and civic events.

In order to educate the public about Menifee's past, the Menifee Valley Historical Association has partnered with the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the City of Menifee Community Services Department to create and construct monuments throughout Menifee that identify places of historical significance.  

The first phase has identified the following locations.  

Menifee Valley Historical Association

The second phase will be at these locations:


Located curb-side on Hwy 74 in front of the Motte Museum

Highway 395 Signage

Known as the Three Flags Highway because it ran from Canada through the US to Mexico, U.S. Highway 395 was designated a historic route.   However, this historic designation did not provide funds for signs to be installed along the route.   It is up to  counties, cities and communities to raise  funds to install signs as this route goes through their area. 

Since Menifee is one of the missing links along Highway 395, the Menifee Valley Historical Association is partnering with the City of Menifee to install Highway 395 signs at four locations in Menifee along Encanto Road and along Antelope Road.